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Optoma Management Suite Cloud

OMSC - Advanced cloud based remote management solution for audio visual displays

Optoma Management Suite Cloud (OMSC)™ is an intuitive cloud based display management solution, designed to streamline operations by monitoring, diagnosing and controlling audio visual displays from anywhere in the world via a single platform (WiFi access required). OMSC is the first management solution that is compatible across multiple display technologies such as projection, interactive flat panels and LED displays enabling easy integration into existing display fleets while offering differing levels of access and control for users, ensuring devices are securely managed.

With an easy-to-use interface and 24/7, real-time monitoring, OMSC enables users to check the status of display devices and make configurations to optimise performance. IT administrators and technicians can easily dispatch and broadcast emergency messages, alerts, and announcements across any display worldwide. Additionally, users can also remotely program and schedule devices for usage only during primary operating hours, as well as implement immediate shutdown for emergencies, reducing energy consumption, and lowering operating costs.*

Click here Online manual - learn how to Registration , add devide and account Management.

Click here to visit the Optoma Management Suite Cloud web page and to sign up.

*OMSC is an ever-evolving platform with features and functions being added over time. For the latest feature set please check with your local sales representative.


Peace of mind

Monitor, diagnose and control your audio visual displays worldwide via a single platform

Real-time monitoring and alerts

24/7 monitoring and alerts across all devices for an immediate response to issues before they escalate

Scheduling and broadcast

Distribute emergency messages and alerts to all displays across the network and create custom playlists with the built-in scheduler

Energy-efficient and cost-saving

Reduce energy usage on any device by scheduling shutdown of displays after work hours or immediate shutdown for emergencies

Multi-device compatibility

OMS allows advanced control of selected models** across Optoma’s display categories, including, LED display, Interactive flat panels and projection.

Multi-device compatibility

Peace of mind

Monitor, diagnose and control your audio visual displays from one single platform and location which eliminates the need to visit the site.

Peace of mind

Track and analyse usage trends

Gain access to quick reports to track and analyse usage within your organisation. Make informed decisions about your ongoing AV infrastructure.

Increase efficiency

Increase operational efficiency with continuous access available via any Windows PC device. Full flexibility is at the core of the solution so you can stay connected and on top of your AV solutions independent of your location.

Increase efficiency

Real time monitoring and alerts

Ensure maintenance personnel can be notified immediately if problems occur. Our monitoring system operates 24/7, detecting adverse operating conditions to help prevent failures before they happen.

Real time monitoring and alerts


Text can be scheduled or broadcast immediately for emergency messages. Perfect for displaying notices in a classroom or a customised welcome message in a business setting.

Advanced security

Users can be given varying levels of access in order to meet internal company security requirements.

Targeted commands

Targeted commands

Send commands to any Optoma display at the touch of a button. Users are able to organise AV equipment into groups or locations, allowing them to send specific commands to targeted displays.

Real-time updates

Keep your fleet in optimal condition using Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) technology. Simultaneously update all devices with the latest firmware via a local area network or specifically target individual display devices.



Plan your AV needs in advance with handy scheduling features, including source input switching, audio mute, video mute and power on/off.

Copy device settings

Save time and increase efficiency when facing complex installations with a combination of projectors, interactive flat panels and LED displays. The OSD clone function allows you to setup an initial unit and then copy these settings to other identical products.

Settings lock

Protect settings and lock the on-screen display (OSD) to prevent unauthorised users from changing settings or altering pre-set features.

Offline Broadcast

Easily share information, promote products and services, and interact with customers and employees in real time without worrying about an internet connection.

Smart Calibration

Smart calibration have Active focus and active color uniformity two function. It's can Automatically focus and color uniformity calibration with the click of a button. This feature is only available on Optoma ZU2200/ZU2100/ZU1900/ZU1800/ZU1700 projectors.

Apps Management

Easily install and uninstall apps on IFPDs devices via OMS,saving you the hassle of repetitive manual installations.

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Optoma Management Suite Cloud

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